/Viktor Orbán gets in touch with EU to repay Hungary for boundary safety and security prices

Viktor Orbán gets in touch with EU to repay Hungary for boundary safety and security prices


Hungary obtains sufficient aids to look after its boundaries and also fund their control. Quit non-sense.

Published on 2/23/18|7: 08 PM CET


We add equally as high as any type of western european nation to the european union.
Their business makin’ & rsquo; big revenue in Hungary really. They paying method much less tax obligations compared to they just what need to’& rsquo; ve in the house, and also they paying the hungarian employee quarter of just what they spend for a german employee for instance. Wich is completely easy to understand & hellip; this is exactly how the globe functions, yet asserting we’& rsquo; re breaking out loan from the EU or we wear & rsquo; t are entitled to assistance fror boundary defense is a significant lie.

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Italy, Bulgaria and also Greece get loan for boundary defense. Hungary Why do not you obtain?

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Hungary, Italy, Greece, they have actually gotten no assistance from the EU. Either monetarily or politically. It is revolting. Can you think of something similar to this occurring I the USA and also them not obtaining main federal government support? It’& rsquo; s dreadful

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Orban is a net giant making believe to be a PM.

Published on 2/23/18|8: 27 PM CET

Fran & ccedil; ois P

The Brits aren’& rsquo; t the just one that intend to have cake and also consume it.

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Upset Neighbor

(****** )Yes, allow & rsquo; s quit discussing and also offer crybaby oligarch our loan.

He absolutely should purchase a lot more flags as props.


Published on 2/23/18 |10:34 PM CET

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Orban is yet one more Putin & rsquo; s troll.

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TrierMan(***** ). (****** )Germany is actually shocking, and also it wasn & rsquo; t the greatest web factor to the EU would certainly currently encounter serious charges. Merkel welcomed migrant from The Center East to Western Europe. It could not be reason that. They went across 10 consumed nations, so by global legislation they need to have never ever pertained to not even to Germany yet to any type of EU nations. Yet they came, without the approval of other nations beforehand. Yet this is Schengen location! Primarily without obtaining authorization from all the participants, she welcomed lots of uncertain individuals right into their area. I actually believe she did not follow all boundary defense guideline. Messed up Schengen. AaAnd await it! Currently she intends to disperse these migrants/refugees to everyone for uniformity. If she intended to be solidar, she can have sent out a great deal of loan and also help to Turkey and also Syria, without indirectly eliminating lots of migrant en route and also removing all their loan by the smugglers. As well as at the end ne with this completely crazy habits she spreads out euroscepticism and also placed timber on the populists’ & rsquo; fire. The just one not standing up the fundamental worths of the EU is Germany and also its allies. I am a little shocked Germans chose her once again. Yet naturally for political gain she acts constantly this ethically remarkable Iron Girl.

No one is ethically remarkable, whatever has factors and also not the intent issues yet the outcome.
The EU need to have constructed that fund from its funds to begin with. As well as in an excellent EU without this ethically remarkable sanctimonious pretense Orbán would certainly not have power as he would certainly not have any type of concrete gunpowder, and also ultimately would be turned down for the only point he is guilty of: Corruption.

Published on 2/24/18|12: 00 AM CET