/Rajoy warns France, Italy to be careful for independence actions

Rajoy warns France, Italy to be careful for independence actions

Irene Duym

Thanks. That they had seen.

Posted on 3/8/18 | 5:01 PM CET

edel .

“Spanish prime minister thanks European nations for supporting his struggle with Catalonia”

First, nobody, not even Rajoy, has ever mentioned something of a ‘struggle with Catalonia’, not even something near that. What Rajoy has talked about is the potential of unfold of the disaster to different areas in France and Italy.

Second. Spain has had pro-independence political events in Basque nation, Catalonia, Galicia, Canary Islands and even Andalusia since four many years in the past and by no means an issue aside from one which supported terrorism. All these teams had at all times aspired to realize the change inside the authorized framework. Solely since some four years of years in the past, proper after a serious financial disaster, the Catalan ones, with 47% of vote, they determined they’re entitled to violate the agreed upon Spanish and Catalan constitutions and even disregard judicial orders.

Once more, I despise Rajoy (as I do Trump) however that doesn’t give the proper to some in Catalonia prefer it doesn’t give some Californian the proper to violate their respective Structure and judicial establishments.

Posted on 3/8/18 | 5:15 PM CET

Carles Manrique Pérez

So principally, this man does imagine that pro-independence concepts aren’t legitimal. He talks about exclusionary nationalism whereas his occasion is an outright supporter of Spanish nationalism, however, oh if you say that to them they let you know it isn’t nationalism, however simply “patriotism”. Mainly in the event that they do this it’s good, if we do this it’s unhealthy.

As for the consumer commenting that we had at all times adopted the authorized methods, sure, we did, and imagine me, we’d have stored stepping on these methods if the PP hadn’t initiated a Catalanophobic marketing campaign when the brand new statue was authorized. That marketing campaign ended up with the constitutional courtroom banning an essential a part of it. Together with the one which outlined Catalonia as a nation. And the entire Spanish political spectrum has both supported all this or both has taken an egregiously “I-do-not-care” perspective. That’s the reason we’ve got engaged on these unlawful methods. Our persistence has a restrict. And if issues proceed like that, issues make develop into worse for all of those that deny self willpower.

Posted on 3/8/18 | 8:14 PM CET

edel .

@Carles Manrique Pérez, your “we had at all times adopted the authorized methods, sure, we did, and imagine me, we’d have stored stepping on these methods if…” that phrase is probably the most harmful there’s for democracy, the one legitimate argement for that’s if these suspension dots are about vital civil violations (learn Rohingya, Algeria beneath France, and many others).

Constitutional courts bans always legal guidelines handed by regional states, whether or not in Spain, Germany, US or principally anyplace, that’s the reason they’re there. Take a look at the US, courts stopped Trump’s ft quite a few ties within the final yr, so based mostly on what you say, Trump (a democratically elected president) has the proper to disobey and stage a navy coup, isn’t it? And what about Californians, since Trump principally works in opposition to the whole lot they imagine too, can the simply seceded? Final time the south tried fared unhealthy for all.

The constitutional courtroom took, in my view, a tough interpretation on the Catalan Estatut at the moment, however that doesn’t imply it provides you rights to dismantle your entire judicial system.

These tantrums in opposition to a selected chief, even unhealthy ones like Rajoy and Trump, are higher directed to work in getting higher leaders subsequent time round, or to work for all Catalans, not solely the 47% of them and wait until different extra friendlier authorities comes. Right here, within the US, as an illustration, many circumstances are being held as much as be introduced as much as the present flavored Republican Supreme Court docket in await a extra impartial Court docket.

Apart from, in case you suppose half of the Catalans has the proper to violate the structure, belief me, there shall be some in the remainder of Spain will resolve to violated it too. Watch out, what you want for.

Posted on 3/8/18 | 11:13 PM CET