/Merkel’s get together backs coalition deal

Merkel’s get together backs coalition deal

Berlin (dpa) – German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative party gave their approval to a coalition deal with the Social Democrats (SPD), bringing Europe’s biggest economy one step closer to forming a government five months after voters went to the polls.

A majority of delegates at a Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party convention agreed to a renewal of their “grand coalition” government with the SPD, an arrangement that has been struck twice before at the federal level under Merkel.

“After a difficult period, I think we’ve had a good day today,” Merkel said. “The work can begin.”

But the final hurdle to ending the impasse and giving Merkel a fourth term in power will come on Sunday, when the results of a postal vote by the SPD’s nearly half-million rank-and-file members will be announced. They have been asked to vote on the coalition deal.