/John Main to Theresa Might: Give MPs a ‘free vote’ on Brexit

John Main to Theresa Might: Give MPs a ‘free vote’ on Brexit


MPs can have one more vote in the event that they like (along with their 2015 vote legalising the EU membership referendum and their 2017 vote to set off article 50). However what goal wouldn’t it serve? Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty is obvious that the UK leaves the EU by 29 March 2019 on the newest until the EU27 and UK agree in any other case. Even when the UK MPs had been to attempt to renege on the referendum end result, why would the EU27 conform to have the UK stay as an EU member?

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Has this immbecile forgotten in regards to the half he performed within the Maastricht Treaty

Posted on 2/28/18 | 3:57 PM CET


Nicely stated John! A real British patriot along with his nation’s pursuits at coronary heart!

Now I’m ready for the loonies to name him a traitor…

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Steuer… Parliament can nonetheless resolve whether or not to remain in single market or not. The folks weren’t requested.
That is attainable with Brexiting.
Frictionless border means Frictionless border as would say Theresa…

Posted on 2/28/18 | 4:02 PM CET

Peter G

Nicely Steu, as a result of Brexiters had a degree. Brexit may also hurt the EU. Nothing just like the harm it’ll do to Britain thoughts, however it’ll. And on the entire they’d fairly not have to show exiter’s of any nativist nationality what the results are. Mainly their job is completed as soon as all people sees how silly that is.

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Brexiteers campaigners informed voters “no one is threatening our place within the Single Market”.
They now say we’ve to go away the SM/CU however the voters all voted to remain within the SM: Leavers and Remainers!
So is UK democracy the need of the folks or the need of the loonies led by Boris

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@ Peter G

Even when the EU had been to welcome the heretic UK again into the EU (which I truly don’t assume could be a achieved deal), this nonetheless doesn’t resolve the constitutional concern. The UK Parliament accredited the referendum in 2015 after which acted on the referendum lead to 2017. The referendum result’s subsequently not ‘advisory’: it’s a matter of UK legislation and likewise EU legislation for the reason that triggering of article 50.

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@ Antoine

However no main British political occasion is looking for membership of the EEA. This in any case is a special level: John Main is suggesting MPs have an opportunity to maintain the UK within the EU.

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What he rigorously avoids saying is how deep the divide would run if there was a u-turn. There’s a lot try to speak in regards to the 48% and the stay centered MPs that the remainers are forgetting about those who voted to go away.

If there was a 2nd referendum, simply how would the politicians reply to the aspect that loses?

I additionally discover it “unusual” that there’s a lot continuity of phrasing, “buzz phrases” and nuance made in these speeches by pro-remain, although clearly there isn’t any coordinated strategy to undermine the UK authorities. Maybe it’s time to have an equal Muller inquiry to test on international affect throughout BREXIT? 😉

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UK can do U-turn. All it wants doing and ship a letter to the Fee saying ‘ change of coronary heart’; wish to keep within the EU.
The massive gamers stated it repeatedly:Britain can change its thoughts till March 31, 2019.

After this date, it’s a totally different story as Britain will change into a 3rd nation having to barter every thing. By the best way, earlier than Brexit date, UK can maintain its rebate. After… iyt is misplaced.
In brief, ought to Britain by 2021 December, 31st resolve to return to the EU fold, every thing must be renegotiated and it implies every thing so no rebate and it’ll take years.

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brexit is beginning to appear like suicide

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Main probably the most incompetent and ineffective PM the UK ever had, needed to drive his occasion to vote for the EU. There was no free vote then and there won’t be one now. He ought to get again within the pantry with the curry !

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@ Saintixe

I don’t see any U-turn on the horizon, rebate or no rebate. But when it had been to occur I guess it could be Prime Minster Boris Johnson having the ‘change of coronary heart’.

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In my view, UK’s freedom and sovereignity are nicely earned.
It could be a pity if, all dreamland visions and guarantees, could be nullified.
Worst Case situation could be, Farage as MEP, working for a second referendum.
And when he will get it, he doesn’t know what to do with it. Identical to earlier than..

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You might be proper… It’s one more humiliating climb down for the EU ! And the EUnicorns.

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Main completely fails to acknowledge that he performed a big half in Brexit by signing the Maastricht treaty with out consulting the folks. This pea-eating cretin ought to crawl again to his crypt.

Posted on 2/28/18 | 5:11 PM CET

Europe means peace and love

@Steuersklave…all of the vital eu officers and members states repeated many instances that europe would settle for uk again within the eu !

Posted on 2/28/18 | 5:14 PM CET

Peter Day

We now have had a authorized referendum and it was voted on and a choice made. These remainers can’t perceive why we must always refuse to have one other one. Nicely, it’s not achieved by EU requirements, for as they stated to Eire after they voted to go away, No! you bought it flawed, vote once more! And so they did!

Posted on 2/28/18 | 5:21 PM CET

Unicorn Farmer

The embarrassment of a political failure making extra sense than our cupboard… however then once more, we would have Boris for prime minister sooner or later!

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The EU both need and conform to a complete FTA or they don’t. There will likely be no U-turns or being backed right into a nook. The UK authorities will defend the folks’s democratic determination and depart the EU. Should you don’t just like the UK strategy then stroll away.

Posted on 2/28/18 | 5:37 PM CET

Bicus dicus

Now that you’ve change into prime minister I really feel massively assured within the uk.

Posted on 2/28/18 | 5:42 PM CET

Peter G

Proper you’re Steu. Britain dedicated itself to a plan of action and a end result with out the slightest concept of what it could entail and primarily based it on optimistic hypothesis about what the outcomes could be. As video games of rooster go it was really spectacular. And right here you’re. An amicable divorce was assumed regardless of the very apparent truth that easy self-preservation requires the EU to make being part of the EU a way more helpful factor than not being a part of the EU.

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Bravo Dimitri, you simply corrected the spelling of a time period that exists in no language whatsover! Chapeau!

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In a press launch for the “Britain Stronger in Europe” marketing campaign group issued Sunday, Might 29 2016 John Main stated

“There won’t be one other referendum on Europe. That is it. The choice we tackle June 23 will form our nation, our folks and our livelihoods for generations to return”

I understood this to imply ONE referendum and the VOTERS to DECIDE the result.

It didn’t imply the EU system of as many votes/referendums as attainable till the voters provide the proper reply.

Posted on 2/28/18 | 6:08 PM CET

Stefan M

Treeza “What do you consider this slavery enterprise Boris”

Boris “it’s fairly a lark Prime Minister”

Treeza “we must always create extra of them then”.

Rees Mogg “Let the nice instances roll”

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The most important drawback is that every one sides seem like centered on the objective of a Brexit the place there isn’t any interval of discontinuity between the current interval of stability during which the UK has been an EU member and a future interval of stability during which the UK is just not an EU member.

The truth is that insisting on full smoothness within the transition from a pre-Brexit to a post-Brexit world often is the worst strategy, actually the UK. Brexit will contain a 5+ yr interval of uncertainty, as a result of will probably be essential to develop new patterns of doing issues, and people patterns can’t be understood earlier than they arrive into existence. It’s counterproductive to fake that the long run will likely be an incremental change from the current or that every one the ramifications of the infinite complexity of how Brexit will have an effect on the UK-EU relationship may be predicted upfront, from an armchair. There will likely be shocks concerned. A few of them will likely be anticipated, some won’t be anticipated, and a few anticipated shocks won’t occur.

It’s solely foreseeable that the perfect plan of action for the UK could be to agree a minimal cope with the EU and to organize to borrow some huge cash (wartime degree borrowing) to permit for a commercially disruptive Brexit to happen with out the social disruptions that would destroy the UK as a society. One other factor that may be achieved is to rigorously study every thing the UK does from a Brexit viewpoint. For instance, police and different public companies appear to make use of a variety of German autos. Nissan is a world firm with UK manufacturing amenities which makes comparable autos. Wouldn’t it make sense for the UK so as to add a ‘made in UK’ requirement for automobile procurement? Even when Nissan doesn’t at the moment make each needed type of automobile within the UK, it might accomplish that as a result of the corporate already has the mandatory designs and tooling. Alternatively, automobiles may very well be straight imported from Nissan in Japan (the place steering wheels are already on the best) with a waiver of import duties. Equally, meals and different necessities at the moment imported from the EU may very well be supplemented by imports from non-EU international locations with the intention to handle a rocky Brexit transition interval.

If the UK is ready to conform to a minimal Brexit deal after which handle the uncertainty for the primary 5 years or so post-Brexit, then it could be attainable to barter one thing cheap with the EU with out a variety of synthetic deadlines.

It’s a mistake to think about Brexit as an issue that may be solved merely by two events sitting at a desk attempting to barter an settlement that preserves two mutually unique subsets of the established order.

When change is inevitable the exact nature of the inevitable change often can’t be predicted with a lot certainty. It’s typically higher to let the change start after which adapt to what’s truly taking place fairly than to attempt to predict (primarily based on zero data) what may occur after which adapt to the anticipated change with out understanding how correct the prediction will likely be.

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@Peter G

“Britain dedicated itself to a plan of action and a end result with out the slightest concept of what it could entail”

You might be solely flawed. The federal government is enacting precisely what the voters demanded which is to take again management of our legal guidelines, cash and borders. A standing we fortunately loved in widespread with nearly each different sovereign nation on the planet previous to 1973.

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As Mr Fox along with the tweeter joyful USA president are making ready for the nice give away of NHS to the large American well being firms the brexitear brigades assault the ex UK pm as unpatriotic!! It seems like in a brexitears thoughts being a patriot is all about shouting on the frogs and krauts and agreeing to be shafted by the yanks 🙂 have enjoyable

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Within the continued verve of true bulldog spirit in its strategy to negotiations, and in “row of the summer season” trend, the UK House Workplace used at this time’s distractions to launch one more climbdown… they now concede that the EU residents coming into the UK throughout the transition will likely be given 5 yr handed and qualify for settled standing on the finish similar to these arriving earlier than the exit date.

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Folks really feel that the EU is heading in a path they by no means signed as much as. They resent the interference in our nationwide lifestyle by what they see as unneccessary guidelines and laws. And so they wonderwhat the purpose of all of it is. Folks additionally really feel that the EU is now heading for a degree of political integration that’s far exterior Britains consolation zone. They see treaty after treaty altering the stability between member states and the EU. It’s time for the British folks to have their say.

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No curiosity in anyway.

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I don’t assume reversal is even attainable. 27 international locations must conform to nullify article 50 from UK. And on this case you may be guarantee that you wouldn’t discover

Britain did resolve. After vote with the way it handles folks from EU that did arrive to UK reveals their angle in direction of European nations.

So please. Depart.

You may create your Empire 2.zero in order for you. However you will want to persuade different to hitch you. With present angle I don’t assume so.
It’s also possible to begin returning our folks from UK, however don’t worries. They are going to depart as quickly as UK will now not be main energy inside EU with affect. After warfare there have been no immigration to UK. Even worse. There have been folks trying to find higher life in Europe and America and exodus was till UK joins EU. AND UK did attempt to be a part of Three instances. 2 instances DeGaulle stated NO with rationalization -> They are going to simply make “merde” ) and third time there have been no objection. After that UK did begin to flourish. And did do nicely.
I used to be one who did remorse that UK is leaving because it was very nice to work with folks from UK. They’re nothing like folks with xenophobia in what UK did change into. I might actually hate to see that this folks at the moment are with us with face that they confirmed. European concept is one thing else. Not division, however integration.

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mood mood!



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I’m a pro-immigration leftie.

BLESS!! Stereotypes are evil aren’t they so why do YOU persist to slander folks?

WE are the bulk. YOU are the minority. Even Politico printed on 8% of EU citizen’s wish to federalise. Get used to it. It’s all over europe.

Change your methods (lies. trolling propaganda and slander) or transfer out of the best way.

Posted on 2/28/18 | 8:23 PM CET


*and cease studying the Guardian. It’s for decrease center class admin employees (eg see jobs part) who received a second class diploma from a second class college and make fourth class feedback…. however consider everybody under them shouldn’t be allowed to vote and neither ought to everybody above them.

Verify the FT (pro-eu), Telegraph (anti-eu) or Instances (centrist) (jobs part=barristers/medical doctors/executives) for individuals who ACUALLY do nicely in life and received FIRSTS and many others…

Now run alongside again to your slot in life and let the journo’s @ guardian manipulate you to assume you must rule the world: dimwit.

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And also you present your angle in direction of different folks. With insults.

Its simple to insult others. This additionally present what sort of particular person you’re.

Thanks for displaying your angle in direction of totally different folks. Solely reveals and ensure my view on some folks in UK.

However for you I might recommend visiting psychiatrist. You might be leaping too quick with none want for this. Most likely some good drugs will make you extra “cheap” Till then I’ll pity you.

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And for clarification. I’m not from UK. I’m from EU.

We don’t separate folks on “center class” or “decrease center class”. That is extra territory of UK the place you could have folks separated primarily based on the place they had been born. This isn’t for me. That’s why I didn’t have any curiosity to go in UK after I received provides in previous. Now I’ve personal enterprise and I don’t must journey to UK.

Posted on 2/28/18 | 9:28 PM CET